Q.   Do I have to register to search this site?
A.    No.  All adverts are free to search and to view without the need to register.  This makes the adverts available to as many people as possible.

Q.   How long will my advert stay on the website?
A.    Although many sites will only let you list your advert for a few weeks, your advert can remain live with Animal Classifieds for a whole year!  You are welcome to discontinue it earlier if you wish.

Q.   Can I update my advert?
A.    Yes. You can update your advert from your own dashboard. Please note that although we are happy for you to update your advert, new items need to be put into a separate listing.  Anyone found changing their listing to something new without prior approval will be permanently blocked from the site. Each advert can only list one item. Please note that multiple items should be entered into separate adverts.

Q.   Do I have to register to place an advert?
A.    Yes.  You do need to register to place an advert, however registration is free. Advert costs vary depending on the advert category. Some categories are free of charge while others have a small fee attached. Please see the next few questions and answers for further information on advert costs.

Q.   Do I have to pay to place an advert?
A.   Most standard listings on this site can be placed for free – this includes images and a YouTube video link if you have one.  If you would like a featured advert (which will guarantee your advert is placed on our Facebook page as well as nearer the top of your category), this has a small charge associated with it, but the featured advert is entirely optional. A few specific categories do have a small fee applied, such as Properties for Sale, but most general ads are free.

Q.   I work for a charity.  Does the charity need to pay for an advert?
A.    No. If the advert is for the charity itself, then the charity adverts are free.  There are restrictions however and the charity is not able to post a listing on behalf of an individual (even if they work for the charity) or a third party. If you wish to place an advert on behalf of a charity, please obtain the ‘Charity’ membership pack.  We will require your charity registration number before you can place your listing.

Q.   Is it expensive for businesses to place an advert?
A.    No.  For the moment business listings in most categories are free.  All adverts are valid for a year. A few select categories will become chargable in time, such as ‘Properties for Sale’.  If you are not sure whether an advert is chargeable, just click on ‘Post New Ad’ above and you will see the prices displayed next to the category.  If you are looking to place multiple adverts in a chargeable category, please get in touch as we may be able to offer a discount for large volume users.

Q.   Are discounts available?
A.    Yes.  If you are going to be placing lots of adverts, you can purchase any one of a number of business or multiple seller membership packs. These will give you discounts on the standard advertising costs.

Q.   How do I contact you?
The best way to contact us is via email to: hello@animalclassifieds.co.uk.  In order to keep the cost of advertising on this site as low as possible for you, we try to keep our processing costs down as much as we can. As such we do not run a general enquiry phone line.  We normally find that we can answer most queries quickly via email. If you have any enquiry at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch; we are always happy to help.

Q.   Are you a UK based site?
Yes.  We are proud to be based just outside Cardiff, in South Wales.

Q.   Someone has used my image in their advert without my permission.  What should I do?
It states in our terms and conditions that only images that are free from copyright, or where permission has been obtained from the individual or company who holds the copyright, may be used on our site. The person posting the advert accepts liability for any content that they submit (including videos and images) when they post the listing.  If you see an image used incorrectly, please email us the page link or the advert reference number and we will remove the image as soon as we can. The email to use is: admin@animalclassifieds.co.uk.  If you wish to take action for the image being used, please contact the person who has made the listing directly as they accept our terms and conditions when submitting their listings.

Q.   Do you guarantee the validity of the listing?
Unfortunately due to the nature of this website it is not possible for us to verify all of the individual adverts. Everyone posting on this site has to agree with our terms and conditions which state that they take responsibility for the content of their own listing. If you suspect that there may be something not right with the listing, please report it to us as soon as possible (there is a link on the page of every advert) and we will remove it pending an investigation.  Anyone found to be posting fraudulent content will be black-listed from the site permanently and are likely to have their information passed on to the relevant authorities who will decide whether further action will be taken against them.

Q.   Is there anything else that I should know?
A.    Yes. Please do everything that you can to STAY SAFE when responding to adverts.  Please see the relevant information page on staying safe here. Remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is! If in any doubt, please report the advert.